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December 17, 2009 / Christian Living

Our culture at large (in America, and in many other places around the world) has become a culture of irreverence. Time-honored customs and traditions have been thrown out the window for the do-as-you-please, live-in-your-own-truth, you-are-your-own-god mentality. You see this around you constantly as children (and not just the young ones) openly defy their parents and reject their counsel. Employees are flippant towards their employers, citizens look down upon the authority of law enforcement, and lawmakers disregard the once-esteemed heritage of those who established and strengthened our great nation. Unfortunately this haughty and self-exalted attitude has penetrated beyond our society, and into the very core of our churches and Christian families.

October 29, 2009 / Site News

Everyone has to start somewhere. When God began His creation, He started by making light and then separating the light from the darkness (Gen 1:2-5). From the very beginning one thing was separated from another. The Word points out that He made the light and saw that the light (not the darkness) was good.

By its very nature, light is the opposite of darkness, and separation must necessarily exist. Note that God did not create infinitely varying shades of gray. He did not glorify Himself in gray areas. The glory of the Lord that we see in creation’s 1st day was the light.